Why is the lease so long?

We are a community that is focused on creating meaningful connections for people, so that you can build your network.

Our leases are 24 months in length, because we know that meaningful connections take a long time to build. 

What are my options if I sign on to a 24 month lease?
We know that life changes, so as much as we would like you to stay we aren't going to stop you from leaving.

  • All of our leases have a 6 month break to give you the flexibility you need.
  • After 6 months we ask for 2 months notice if there is a time when you want to move somewhere new.
  • As a Lyvly member you are always able to move within the community. So if your circumstances change, you get a new job or we get a new flat closer to where you want to be, you are always able to live in your perfect home

But, I only want a lease for under 6 months
That is great, however we won't be the right company for you.
We really hope you find the right place for you. 

If this doesn't answer your questions, then please feel free to get in touch via hello@lyvly.uk