Who lives with Lyvly

Lyvly housemates share core values, and are aged 22-36.

Why the age?

People at similar life stages tend to understand each other and needs better, and appreciate the type of lifestyle members are trying to create in their homes. Someone who wants to party till 4am Tuesday night won’t be the best housemate for someone who is working from home 9-5 everyday. 


Why values?

It’s so important to have a house with good vibes! From the 100’s of members who have called Lyvly home, we’ve seen that there are 4 core values that define member ethos, and people are more likely to get along when this matches. 


Who do you not rent to?

Unfortunately we can’t rent to undergraduate students, couples, people with kids, people with pets, or those who fail our membership application.

If this doesn't answer your questions, then please feel free to get in touch via hello@lyvly.uk