Issues with housemates

What Lyvly can (and can't do) if you are having trouble with your housemate(s)

Having issues with your housemate(s) is horrible and it sucks. We understand how draining it can be, but it is important to consider what the issue is and the steps you have taken to resolve it. As a rule - Lyvly won't get in the middle of an issue between housemates.

Please make sure when you do come to us with a complaint or a problem, that you understand what the outcome might be. Before coming to Lyvly, have you:

  1. Spoken to your housemate about it directly
    No one likes confrontation but sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to talk about it openly and directly. We know that in the majority of housemate issues, most of the issues arise from a communication break down or a miscommunication. Sadly passive aggressive texts in the group WhatsApp just won't cut it.
    If it is a behaviour that is upsetting you like loud music being played at night, dirty dishes being left for days or someone's significant other being around all the time - your housemate might not even be aware of the issue.
    Luckily behavioural things like this are quick to change, but just need a proper conversation to reach a compromise.
    Make sure you talk to them about it before it becomes a bigger issue than it needs to.
  2. Taken time to understand things from their point of view
    Perhaps something has happened in their life which has caused a change in behaviour. Or maybe it is a cultural difference that you weren't aware of. Take time before jumping to conclusions to consider if there is something bigger at play.
    As a good housemate it is important to take time to listen to your housemates and understand their experiences.
  3. Considered if shared living is still right for you
    Shared living isn't for everyone, and there is a point where you might reach your limit of being able to live in a shared home. That could be the number of people you are living with or just sharing has become a burden. We all reach that limit at different points. Make sure you think about if this is a fundamental issue with your housemates or maybe your living requirements have changed but you haven't realised it.

These are the actions we can to take to resolve this problem:

Ask your housemate to leave: if your housemate has broken the rules and agreement of their tenancy agreement with us, we can then give them notice to leave. 
Depending on what they have done, we will give them notice of termination, which takes anywhere between 2 weeks - 6 months to take effect. 
Please note that we would have to talk with your housemate about what has happened, and it is not possible to make this process anonymous

Passport to another home: if you don't want to stay living with your housemate(s), it may be better for you to move into a new a home. We can offer the choice of passporting to another Lyvly home, but be aware this isn't immediate.

Let us know if you would like to use your passport and we will find you a new home to move to. We ask for 2 months notice to passport.