Housemate Issues

I’m worried about my housemate

Whether it’s a sudden change in their behaviour, or they seem down, let them know you are there for them and open to listen, if they are willing to do so. 

If the person you’re concerned about expresses wanting to self-harm or is distressed, please let a member of the team know ASAP and contact a GP or NHS 111, alternatively contact Samaritans anonymously on 116 123 for 24 hour support.  


I’m having issues with my housemate

It’s awful when you have a rift with your housemate 😔 Before escalating it with Lyvly, consider

💬 Speaking to your housemate directly. Many times it’s a misunderstanding, and just sitting down to discuss it can help resolve this. If it is things like loud music that is bothering you, chances are your housemate is not even aware of it!

🧠 If it’s different points of view. People are different, so what you considered standard might not be for someone else. Try to understand where they’re coming from.

🤔 Is shared housing still for you? Maybe your living requirement has changed, and shared living doesn’t really fit what you need anymore.


I’ve tried everything and I still have issues with my housemate!

If you are still having issues, we can escalate it directly with your housemate. Just note that it is not possible to keep your name anonymous at this stage!

Some options we have

  1. Ask your housemate to leave. If they breached the community agreement or their lease, we can service them notice.
  2. Passport you to another home. We may be able to move you to another Lyvly home with a new set of housemates. (Note that normal passport rules apply).