What is the Membership Committee?

The Membership Committee are the gatekeepers to Lyvly. They’re responsible for vetting all members that apply to join the Lyvly community and are made up of some of our most engaged members. We try and ensure a mix of committee, including a variety of ages, genders and length of time as a member.

Every month our committee look through hundreds of applications and vet applicants on whether they joining for the right reasons and specifically, whether they align with our community values. Acceptance/ rejection is based on a plurality voting system.

Just like Chapter Leaders, our Membership Committee have a set of responsibilities that need to be met.


Vote (actively and consistently) 

  • Minimum of 30% of applications voted on per month

Point of call for most community knowledge

  • Know what is going on elsewhere in the community & how things work
  • Support members with community questions (e.g how to start groups, activities or events)
Connect members - create a sense of community
  • Contribute to area based online activity (groups, Whatsapp etc.)

Attend quarterly leadership dinner

  • With other leaders and facilitated (discussion points set) by Lyvly community team

Why get involved?

  • You get to vet all members that join
  • You give back to the community by helping to grow and shape its direction 
  • You get to join leadership dinners where you get to hear what's going on and have the opportunity to provide community suggestions and feedback to the members leading it

If you want to learn more about the membership committee or if you are interested in joining the committee, then do get in touch via members@lyvly.uk