What is the application process like?

Our application process is straight forward really, we just need to get to know as much about you as possible and what you are looking for.

1. Apply to our membership committee
This is your opportunity to write as much about yourself as possible, through a variety of quirky and informative questions.

Our membership committee is made up of members from our community as well as a few of our key team members, including our CEO. 

2. Be matched to a house
Depending on your budget, preferred commute and ideal location our house matching team will suggest the most perfect place for you.

3. Have a tour
You can take a virtual 3D tour on our website and find the place that is the right fit for you.

4. Apply for your room
You would pay a £100 refundable room reservation amount (which goes towards your rent). We would then take you through all of your references to sign your lease. 

5. Meet your housemates
As soon as you have signed your lease, we will connect you with your new housemates, plus 2 members from the community.

6. Let your Lyvly Life commence
Now it is all about you. Unlike regular letting agencies and landlords, your journey starts rather than ends when you sign your lease.

If this doesn't answer your question, then please email us via