What is included in the communal housekeeping?

The common ares of the house include: hallways, stairs, living room, kitchen, shared bathrooms and any area which is shared by all members in the home.

Bear in mind that our housekeepers are in your home for a certain period of time each visit, and so if they have to spend more time tidying or washing up, they'll have less time to dust and polish.

The housekeeping includes:

  • Dusting
  • Polishing
  • Hoovering and mopping
  • Clean and remove any limescale from sinks, taps and shower heads 
  • Waste management (emptying bins and taking outside)
  • General tidying (putting away any items left out, picking things up off the floor)
  • Tidy up the kitchen. Store any misplaced food or kitchen items
  • Clean all worktops and islands and other surfaces and
    seats (stools, chairs and tables)
  • Run dishwasher and empty when clean
  • Wipe down counter-tops and cabinets
  • Clean and polish the fronts of all appliances (microwave, refrigerator, hood, cooker, toaster, coffee machine, kettle
  •  Clean hobs and polish any metal surface (hob, sink, worktops, etc.)
  • Descale kettle if necessary (on average every two
  • Check salt and rinse aid levels in dishwasher and refill as necessary
  • Refill consumables for residents as necessary (sponges, dish washing up liquid, kitchen towels, etc.)
  • Tidy up the sofa

If you have any other queries about housekeeping do get in touch via members@lyvly.uk