What is a Chapter Leader?

Chapter leaders look after a local area or collection of areas depending on the amount of members in each. We aim to have at least 20 members in every chapter.

Our chapter leaders play a central role within the community. They want to, or already know most of the members within their given area and actively practice Lvyly values through building a strong sense of Lyvly community within their neighbourhoods and wider city. 

Chapter Leaders have a set of responsibilities tied to building a strong sense of community that the community HQ representative and other community leaders hold them accountable to. 

It is important to stress that there can be more than one Chapter Leader within each area. In fact we encourage it. Ultimately we want to ensure that the role is not a burden on everyday life.


Point of call for all community knowledge
  • Know what is going on elsewhere in the community
  • Support members with community questions (e.g how to start groups, activities or events)
Connect members - create a sense of community
  • Host monthly (can be more frequent if felt necessary) experience for neighbourhood
  • Admin of area based online activity (groups, forums, Whatsapp etc.)
    Attend/ host monthly leadership dinner
    • with other leaders and facilitated (discussion points set) by Lyvly community team - minimum of 6/12 per year and can’t miss more than 2 in a row


    Support wider city initiatives with other Lyvly ambassadors (e.g. New Members Welcome (6/12 per year), Summer, Christmas, Milestone celebrations)

    Have feedback on your Chapter or Chapter Leader? We'd love to know - please email members@lyvly.uk