What if there is a Gym in my Building?

Some of our homes have a gym on-site which can be used. There are a few things to note first, so please read further!

If my building has a gym, is this included in my rent? 

Yes! If there's a gym in your building, there is no additional cost per use.

Please be aware that some places will require you to complete an induction. There may be an additional cost for this which Lyvly does not cover.

How do I start using the gym? 

We recommend firstly speaking to your concierge. They will be able to help you book an induction (if you need one) and ensure you have access.

Is an induction necessary? 

For safety reasons, some buildings require an induction to be completed first. You can check with us or your concierge to see if an induction is necessary.

There may also be a cost for the induction session which Lyvly does not cover.

What are the opening hours?

Your gym should be open every day!

To find out the specific opening hours either reach out to us or your concierge.