What happens if I break the rules of the community?

Lyvly will review the situation and determine what action should be taken. This can include:

1. Immediate cancellation of your membership

2. If you have a Community Bond, potentially through discussion with you we would use a portion of this to remedy any issues arising from the rule breach

3. You could be asked to leave your home if your actions have negatively impacted the home and also broken the rules of your lease with us

4. Depending on if what you have done includes breaking the law or an illegal activity the police or local authorities would be informed
5. If you are in a leadership position within the community you could be asked to leave that position permanently
6. You would not be allowed to attend events for a specific period of time 

If this doesn't answer your question or if you have other questions that aren't in our help centre, get in touch via members@lyvly.uk