What do the different roles mean in Lyvly MeetUps?

If you want to run the Lyvly MeetUp page, post your event and start sharing with other members, then there are a number of roles open to you.

  • Co-Organiser (this role is specifically for members on the membership committee)
    The Co-Organiser can do everything the Organiser can do, with the exception of receiving online payments. Learn more
  • Assistant Organiser
    The Assistant Organiser can manage the group calendar and all member communication, but isn't able to manage most site settings or any money collection.
     Learn more
  • Event Organiser
    The Event Organiser has limited control over the Meetup Group, but has full control over the group calendar and can email members.
    Learn more

If this article doesn't answer all of your questions, then send us an email via members@lyvly.uk