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Vital Energi @ Lyvly Vauxhall

If you're a Lyvly Vauxhall member, please see below!

Vital Energi @ Lyvly Vauxhall

The heating and hot water in the Lyvly Vauxhall flats work on a credit-based system. Your heating and hot water is provided via credit (money!) being loaded onto your heat metre. The company who facilitates this is called Vital Energi. Your credit metre is called a ‘VPro metre’ and is on the wall in the hallway of your home, and will always display how much credit you have. A diagram of it is displayed below- you just need to go into ‘heat’.


This is something that you will hopefully never have to worry about! Lyvly set all flats up on a direct debit, based on an above-average usage of the heating/hot water on your home, so there will always be credit on your metre. Occasionally, however, if we are having a particularly cold month, your home might use up all the credit loaded onto the metre.

If you ever notice that your credit is below £10.00, please pop a message over to members@lyvly! Our housekeepers always check too, but it never hurts for more people to keep an eye on things. We can then top this up for you.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have no heating or hot water - the credit displayed on your Vpro metre is ALWAYS the first thing to check. It’s likely to be £0.00.

In a worst case scenario where your credit metre has sneakily slipped down to zero, your hub will display the option to ‘activate emergency credit’. You just need to press this, and it will give you an extra £5 of usage! Then shoot us over a message as soon as you can.

Top-ups on your Guru hub can take a maximum of one hour to load and display.

There is, however, a way to load credit onto your metre instantly.

Once informed of the situation, a member of the Lyvly team will be able to shoot you over a 20 digit top-up code to enter into your metre. You can do this where it says heat - enter vent code.

The code will look something like:


You just need to plug it in on the metre, number for number. Once the code has been entered on your metre, your credit will top-up straight away, and heating and hot water will resume!