Lease FAQs

We’ve highlighted some key things in your lease:

🖼 Furniture

Your room: We want to feel completely at home, so feel free to add/remove furniture, or hang pictures in your room! Just make sure it’s all back to its original state when you move out, as if there are damages we may have to make deductions from your deposit.

Communal spaces: You can’t add/remove furniture in communal spaces, unfortunately. Lyvly homes are designed with the right balance of design and functionality (like space usage for shared living), and also to meet strict safety criterias (like fire escape routes).


🐱 Pets

We adore pets, but unfortunately we can’t have them in Lyvly homes.


💪 Gym

Your rent covers gym access if you have one in your building. Get in touch with us, or your concierge, for details on opening hours (may vary depending on Coronavirus restrictions)


🚭 Smoking

All Lyvly homes are non-smoking, please!


👫 Guests

You can have a guest, but they can’t stay more than 2 nights in a row. Where there’s Coronavirus regulations on meeting indoors, please adhere to government guidance. We’ll always email you when this changes.


🚲 Bikes

Please store and park in a designated area (if available), and we highly recommend you take out bike insurance to be on the safe side! 

If this doesn't answer your questions, then please feel free to get in touch via