The 4 steps to finalising your lease

Now you have applied to Lyvly, lets get going to finalise your lease as quickly as possible.

Things to remember:

  • You have a 5 day reservation period.
    This is where the room is yours to process your application, it won't be shown to anyone else.
  • You have a 24hr cooling off period
    So if you change your mind, don't worry! After 24 hours, if you haven't signed your lease, you can cancel your reservation but we will not be able to refund your deposit.
  • You need to provide references
    We will need a employer reference and also a previous landlord reference.
  • You must complete a biography
    Make sure you put as much information as possible into your biography for the membership committee- it is your moment to shine!
  • You are signing up to a tenancy agreement and Lyvly membership
    Please don't forget the lease is 24 months in length with a 6 month break. We do, however, understand that circumstances can change, especially in uncertain times, and we’re open to reviewing break clauses before you move in if needed.
  • You have two options for the deposit
    Pay 5 weeks of rent in advance that will be held by the DPS or pay our no-deposit fee.

Step 1- References
So you have paid your £100, but what now?

  • Complete your references
    You will receive an automated email to complete your references
    If you don't receive straight away, you can get ahead of the game and complete it here.
  • Complete a credit check
    We currently do this using Experian, so you will get an email from them directly.
    If you need a guarantor or are based internationally do get in touch for further details.

Step 2- The finance bits
Congrats, you have been approved by the membership committee and passed your references. What happens now?

  • Signing your lease
    We will counter sign your lease and then it is all action stations.
  • Create a direct debit
    You must sign up to a direct debit to pay your rent each month. If you haven't created a direct debit ahead of move in, we cannot provide you with access to your new home.
  • Pay your initial months rent and deposit
    You will need to pay your initial months rent before we can give you access to the house (and your deposit or no-deposit fee!).
    If you aren't sure how much this is or where to transfer this to, just get in touch.

Step 3
This is your last little bit before you can get into your new home sweet home.

  • Make sure you have booked a check-in call.
    We can't let you move in without one. For this call we need to take a picture of you and also your passport (and visa if you have one). It must be your actual passport, not a copy.


Step 4 - Moving in
Its time to start living your best life!

  • How do you get in?
    During your check in call you will be given details on how to access your new home. Any queries do just get in touch.
  • Getting to know you
    We will give your new housemates your contact details and a bit about you before you move in.
  • Get involved
    We will letting you know about local events, socials and also keeping you updated with a weekly newsletter. If you want to host your own Lyvly event or just attend, then let us know via .