New housemates

Meeting a new housemate is exciting, but can be nerve-wracking at the same time. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding welcoming new housemates.

🤝 When do I meet new housemates?

When a new member reserves their room, we will ask you to take some time to have a quick catch up with them. This is great for kickstarting relationships in the new home!

👫 Can I decide who lives in my house?

In short no, because we can’t have individual bias dictate what type of people can and can’t live in specific Lyvly homes. Don’t worry, as we would’ve taken the same steps in screening them and asking them to fill in the membership application as we did with you.

🕐 How long does it take to find a new housemate?

This totally depends, especially since we all got 2020’d. All members serve 2 months notice, so this usually gives us enough time to fill someone for when your current housemate moves out, but it can be longer depending on time of year, the market, and other external factors.