New housemates

Just moved in? A room been empty for a while? Or just looking forward to meeting your next housemate?

  • When will I know about my new housemate?
    Every new member goes through a 5 day reservation period, which concludes with them signing their lease.Sometimes members can drop out during the room reservation, so we try not to let you know until it is a done deal.
    Once they have signed a new lease with us, we will connect you.
  • How will I be introduced to a new housemate?
    You will be notified by Lyvly via email, text or phone depending on your communication preference. We will share your contact details, biography and give you the same of the new member joining your home. Once connected, you and your housemates can get in touch and arrange your first meet up. So get them in your house whatsapp group, invite them to the pub or have them round for a home cooked meal - it's totally up to you!

  • Will I get to decide who lives in my house?
    All Lyvly members have gone through the same process and have been approved by our Membership Committee. So even if you don't get to choose, rest assured that only inspiring, like-minded people are selected to live in our homes.

  • Do I get to meet my new housemates before they move in?
    This is completely down to you. As soon as a new housemate signs their lease, our community managers will connect you, so you can start chatting and planning a meetup. 

  • I don't like the sound of my new housemate
    We really care about bringing the best combinations of people together.
    We encourage every member to give new housemates equal opportunities within the house and we work to try to find the best fits.  Not getting along doesn't happen often (less than 1% of times) but if there is anything you would like to raise as a concern, please raise a ticket with us. 

  • How long will it take to find our house a new housemate? 
    This will vary depending on when your current housemate is moving out. 
    Notice period on all homes is 2 months, and in the majority of cases, a new member will be lined up to move in as soon as they leave. If your housemate has opted to use their Lyvly Passport, often it might be as short as 1 month - so it really can vary. 

    Sometimes we can't always find someone to move in right away, but don't worry, we will keep you updated as to when your new housemate will be arriving.