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Issues with the communal or en-suite shower

Read below for when your shower isn't draining properly/ issues with the shower head.

Less water coming out the shower head than before? Water spraying in different directions?

You need... DESCALER!

Limescale builds up in all bathrooms over time, often resulting in a few of the shower head holes being blocked, or partially blocked. This results in less water coming out the shower head, or the water that comes out being sprayed in different directions.

It’s a really easy fix! You just need to descale your shower head with some bathroom descaler. There should already be some in your flat, if not, give us a shout at members@lyvly.

Our housekeepers kindly descale all shower heads in communal bathrooms, but those with en-suites, this issue is likely to occur at some point!
You just spray some descaler on a cloth/sponge, and give the showerhead a clean. To make it easier, you can unscrew your shower head and clean it in the sink, then once done just screw the shower head back in!


Shower not draining very fast.. ? Feel like your drain is blocked? 


After a while, it’s very common for showers to become partially blocked, most likely with hair!

This is also a very simple fix.

All you need is some bathroom drain unblocker.

Give members@lyvly a shout, or feel free to purchase from your local supermarket for around £3 or £4 and we will reimburse you.

You just need to pour the unblocker straight down the plughole and leave it for a few hours, ideally overnight. It will dissolve any hair or other day-to-day blockages and get your shower back to normal!

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