Moving out, now what?

Sorry to hear you're going! We know this bit can be confusing so we've tried to answer as many questions as we can. If there's something we've not covered, chuck us an email and we'd be glad to help!

I've given my notice; now what?

We need to set two dates; your end of tenancy and your move-out date. Just as when you first moved in, they don't have to be the same day; if you want to leave before your tenancy officially ends, this is something we can look in to.

How did you calculate my End of Tenancy date?

As outlined in your contract, your end of tenancy date is two months after the date that you hand your notice. For example; If you hand your notice on the 26th of March, the End of Tenancy date would be the 25th of May.

If you prefer to follow the letter of the law, our contract follow the industry recommendation that says your lease is up two months after the end of the month in which you give notice; in other words if you give notice on 3rd March, your lease would end 31st May. 

I'd like to leave before the two months are up - is this possible? Can you find someone to take over the room early?

Unfortunately not.

You can move out of the house earlier, but you will be liable for the rent in the two months notice period. We wouldn't move anyone into the house until those two months are up.

How do you calculate what I owe when I leave?

We'll give you a breakdown, but basically, we add up:

  • The remainder of anything you owe for spread-out purchases, like your Dream Bedding. If you spread your payments over two years but only live with us for 18 months, we'll charge the remaining six months in one go - of course the Dream Bedding will be yours to keep :)
  • Any fees for services from your last month, like safe rental.
  • Then deduct any excess rent paid; e.g. If you pay for the full month but move out before the end of it, we calculate how many days you have overpaid by and either deduct from any additional fees or refund it after you have moved out. 

...anything else, such as damage to your room, would be taken out of your deposit (see below).

What happens on the move-out date?

On your move-out date we organise for a cleaner to carry out an end of tenancy deep clean, which usually starts at 10 or 11am. Once the room is cleaned and ready to roll, one of our contractors or clerks will come over and check over the inventory. You are more than welcome to be present, however it is not necessary. 

What happens to my deposit? How do I get it back at the end of my time with Lyvly?

Your deposit is protected in escrow by DPS, the Deposit Protection Service. They hold your deposit in a special bank account with two 5-digit keycodes - one for you, one for us.
They will have emailed this to you when you joined Lyvly. When you reach the end of your time with us we will enter our keycode and the DPS will email you asking you to do the same.
They will then pay your deposit into an account of your choosing, less any damage charges if we agree them with you.

I don't want to share my decision with my housemates just yet.

Once you’ve handed in your notice, we start the process of advertising your room. It is important that the housemates are aware, so they avoid any surprises. We might also need to visit the house for viewings. Therefore we update them 24 hours after you hand in your notice and again when your exact move out date is confirmed. We would encourage you to share it with them, however we completely understand if you'd prefer us to take care of it.

Can I find someone to take my room over?

We always encourage our members to recommend Lyvly to their friends, if you have someone you think would be great for the community, don’t be shy! We can’t however guarantee that they would pass the membership committee or move directly into your old room.

You can find out a bit more about how we choose our members here.

I would like to leave in the evening of the move out date.

You are more than welcome to leave the home any time on the move out date. We want to ensure when members leave their room is in the same condition when they moved in. Once the deep clean and inventory are completed in the morning, we’re happy for you to spend the day in the communal areas but please don’t go back to the bedroom, so it can stay ‘deeply cleaned’ and there are no issues with the final inventory.