Moving internally with Lyvly

At Lyvly we call moving internally using your 'Lyvly Passport' or 'Passporting'. If you meet the criteria, then you can move to another home in the Lyvly portfolio.

  • What is passporting?
    Passporting is a term we use where you can move internally within Lyvly. We know that life can change, so we give our members the opportunity to adapt their living situation to match these changes. We can't always accommodate you as sadly we don't have unlimited homes in London, but we will always aim to help.
  • When can I use my Lyvly passport?
    You can use your Lyvly passport when you have lived in a Lyvly home for a minimum of 6 months. If you do have an exceptional change in your circumstances we will try and accommodate this where possible.
  • How many times can I passport within the Lyvly Community?
    Once per year. If you do need to move more frequently than this throughout the year, it might be that we aren't quite the right living solution for you.
  • What is the criteria for passporting?
    • You must have lived in a Lyvly home for 6 months or more
    • Not be in rental arrears
    • Have had a fundamental change in circumstances i.e your job has moved location in London or you no longer want to live with so many members
  • When I passport, do I sign a new lease?
    Yes and your 6 month break will then start again. You will be signing a brand new lease when moving, so it is a new lease agreement between us not a continuation of the old one.
  • What notice do I have to give to passport?
    You will need to give us 2 months notice to passport. Our sales team will work hard to find the right new place for you, but you will be unable to move into a new home immediately.