Why do I have to pay Membership fee?

We are often asked why there needs to be a membership fee, but don't forget we are not a lettings agent, we are a community.

Your membership is a £100 fee that you pay to become a  member of the Lyvly community.
It is not connected with your tenancy agreement, but it is money that you are paying to join a wider members network.

The membership fee goes towards things like:

  • Events, both held by members and also held by Lyvly
  • Rituals, welcoming new members to the community and saying farewell to others
  • Interest groups, whether it is a cycling club or chess group you have access to funds to help make your interest group come alive
  • Special occasions, one off gifts or rewards for the community

As a member your one of fee helps make the community tick! So make sure you join in and give back to the community, as otherwise you will miss on out the benefits and fun that your money goes towards.