One of the perks of living with Lyvly is passporting!

What is passporting?

If your current home is no longer right for you, but you want to stay with Lyvly, you can move to another one of our homes! Simples.


Am I eligible?

You can passport if you:

✅ Have lived with us for 6 months

✅ Can give 2 months notice

✅ Had significant change in how/where you want to live (like your job has changed locations, or you want to live with fewer/more people)

✅ Haven’t passported in the same calendar year (max once a year)

✅ Are not in rent arrears


What’s the process?

When you are ready to give your 2 months notice on your current home, we will put you in touch with someone from the sales team who can help you find your next Lyvly home. You’ll then get introduced to your new housemates, and then sign the lease! (No referencing required unless your rent has increased with the new room)


Do I get a new contract?

Yes. When you move into your new room your 6 months minimum contract will restart. 


What happens to my rent and deposit?

We’ll handle that for you 😊 Your direct debit will be adjusted, and your deposit transferred to your new address


If this doesn't answer your questions, then please feel free to get in touch via