Does Lyvly provide locks on bedroom doors?

We know in many house shares it can be normal to have locks on bedrooms. This isn't something that we offer.

Currently we don't provide locks on any bedroom doors. This is because:

  • Our licence 
    All of our homes are Homes of Multiple Occupancy or HMOs. This means that we have a licences with is managed by the local council where each of our homes are based. By have an HMO we follow a number of strict rules, which include locks on bedroom doors. If we add locks this changes the status of a room which is why we don't provide them
  • Health and Safety
    Emergencies can happen and often by having locks on doors it can cause huge problems in terms of our member welfare. By having no locks this removes this concern for our members.
  • Community
    We are a membership community and we are looking to have an open and welcoming environment. If you are looking to live in a home and stay in your room, then Lyvly isn't quite the right place for you. We want to remove any boundaries and we feel that locks are a big part of this.

We understand that we aren't for everyone, but we hope that you can appreciate why we don't provide locks in our homes.