I've lost my door key, what should I do?

Please report this to us immediately so we can start the process of getting another key issued, by calling us on 020 3868 7423.

Check with your housemates if they are in, as they'll be able to let you in straight away.

If you live in one of our homes with a smart door lock

  • we will be able to let you in remotely and issue you with a temporary code whilst we arrange for a new fob - just call us and let us know.  

If you live in a home with a concierge 

  • you should also let them know you have lost your key/been locked out, as they will be able to help you.

For some homes, the process of us getting a spare set of keys/fobs cut is a simple one and can be done at any locksmith, for others with specific security keys this can be a longer process involving ordering the keys/fobs from a supplier directly and waiting for these to be shipped to us. 

We will help you get a new set of keys and ensure that you are able to get back in if you were to lose your keys.