Is there an option to move to another Lyvly home?

We call this 'Passporting' and this is open to all Lyvly members.

To help you find another great place, we will connect you with someone from our lovely Sales Team.

Please be aware, that you do still need to give us two-months notice before breaking your lease and leaving your current home.

What's next? 

Once we have found you your new home, you will have five days to sign the lease (quick we know!).

We will then be able to connect you with your new housemates!

What if the rent for my new home is a different price? 

We will adjust your existing direct debit to ensure that the new monthly rate is being paid.

If you have paid 6-months in advance, then we will make deductions to ensure you do not overpay.

If I have moved to another Lyvly home, does the 6-month contract re-start?

When you passport, your 6-month contract will begin again. This means you will need to pay for another 6-months rent before you can leave us.

After the 6-months have passed, you can give your 2-months notice at any time.