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No heating/hot water

Most heating or hot water issues are due either to a lack of pressure in your boiler, or due to an issue with the settings on your control panel. 

  • Firstly check that the heating/hot water is turned on - the control panel is normally located in a service cupboard in your home, or from a central thermostat in the shared areas. 
  • Check your boiler is pressurised sufficiently.  Firstly locate your boiler, which will normally be in a service cupboard in the communal area your home.  There will be a pressure gauge on the front - if the needle is pointing to a pressure of much below 1 bar the reason for your issue may well be that the boiler needs repressurising.  Report this via the maintenance form if this is the case.  

If you have a heating or hot water issue, it is useful for us to know if this affects your entire home, with all radiators or taps, or if this is isolated to an individual area. 

Many of our new-build apartments are serviced by communal heating systems, meaning that hot water is generated by a large, centrally-located boiler which services all of the apartments in the block.  

If this is the case, most heating/hot water issues will affect multiple homes within the development and we will need to coordinate resolution with your building management, who are able to access the communal heating system. 

If your heating/hot water issue needs a specialist to attend, please let us know and we can arrange this or coordinate with your building management to resolve the issue.