My fridge freezer isn't working

How to report problems that can arise with the things that keep our food and drinks cold!

So you have a problem with your fridge freezer... let Lyvly get that fixed for you!

If your fridge/freezer has ice built up and just needs defrosting, you'll have to remove all the food from it and turn it off for a few hours, leaving the doors open to allow the appliance to heat up and the ice to melt.  Once it's fully melted, dry off the water with a cloth, close the doors and turn the appliance back on.  It's good practice to let it cool back to the right temperature before you put food in if you can.  Do not use a hairdryer to speed up the process, as this can damage the fridge/freezer.  Overfilling your fridge or freezer tends to lead to it getting really icy, so try to not keep too much in there.

One of the most common problem with the freezer compartment that everyone has experienced at some point is when it constantly needs defrosting. This is usually a result of a faulty seal on the freezer. If you notice this problem then please send us some photos of the seal around the edge of your freezer so we can see if this is the cause of the problem and get this fixed.

With every issue you experience with your fridge freezer we'll need you to send us a photo or video of the problem to give us the best understanding of what exactly isn't working. To enable us to find parts as quickly as possible please also provide us with these additional details:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number

These should be easy to locate around the edge of the fridge. Often found inside the door of the fridge or on the underside of the top of the unit.

The best way to tell us about the issue with your fridge/freezer is by completing this form.  If the video is too big to upload, please submit the form and then email the video to us at