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How to create an interest group

Some steps that you can take

1. Make sure you have a plan of action before you start

Without a plan then nothing will happen. Simple as that. Below are some key things to consider before launching a group:

  • Does this group offer something new to the Lyvly community?
  • Is there a demand for this type of group?
  • Do you need support running it - another leader (create your committee)?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • How many times will you meet a month?
  • Do you actually have the time to manage the group and its activities?

2. Find other members who might be interested in joining your group

If you are not sure whether other members would be interested in joining your group, you could put a feeler out into the community:

  • Post in the larger Lyvly member Whatsapp groups (Lyvly London/ Chapter specific) and ask whether other members might be interested
  • Ask other members in person - at events, at home etc. and see whether the would be interested or whether they know anyone else in the community who would be interested

We suggest that once you have a few members that are interested, you create a way for members to connect and discuss further.

At this point, get in contact with members@lyvly.uk and one of the team will walk you through the above and support you with the next steps. However, as an overview they are below.

3. Create a way for other members to join your new group

  • Create a Whatsapp group that explains what you are hoping to achieve and invite other Lyvsters (via an auto-join link)
  • Let HQ know that you want some help. Lyvly HQ can send a link out to your Whatsapp group for others to join and we will add it to the shared Google Doc 'Lyvly Member Groups'

Make sure that you explain clearly what the group aims to achieve and who it is for in the description. Consider the Lyvly values when creating and managing your group.

4. Host your first Meetup

Unless you are just an online group then we suggest putting your first Meetup together. To do this please refer to 'How do I create a member meet up

Remember to put a link to your group in the Meetup description so others who might not have seen your group have a way to get involved.


If you want support, more information or have a recommendation - please email members@lyvly.uk and one of the team will get back to you.