How should I promote my event and highlight its success?

Before the event

  1. Share link to join the event within your communication channels
  2. Personally reach out to members of your group and ask them if they are available - don't just assume that other members have seen your event and are going to show up
  3. Provide updates before your event within your communication channels (Meetup, Whatsapp etc.) to excite those who have signed up or tempt those that are on the fence.
During the event
  1. Livestream your event or post stories up
  2. Take photos/ group selfies

After the event

  1. Post the photos up in all of your communication channels so other members can see what they missed out on - Social proof is often all they need to turn up next time.
  2. Celebrate - thank those who came out publicly by giving them a shout out
  3. Personally thank those members that make up the core of your group
  4. Ask for input into the next event... what can be done to make it an even better experience next time - bring other members on your journey!