How does the notice period work?

So whether your off on a new adventure, moving in with a partner, starting a new job or just intrigued as to how the lease works this article should help:

  • The length of your lease is 24 months
  • You have a 6 month minimum contract
  • The notice period required is 2 months

But what does that mean?

After 6 months, you can give notice at any time. You would then be committed for another 2 months at that point.

When you renew your lease, you'll sign up to a new minimum period and after that can give 2 months notice at anytime. 

What happens if I want to leave at 6 months?
We get that life can change at anytime. So if you want to leave at 6 months we wouldn't stand in your way.

  • You would always need to pay up until the total 6 months
  • You can also give 2 months notice at 4 months, to leave dead on the 6 month mark 

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