Maintenance Team - how to contact

The Member’s Portal is your best bet of resolving any issues

You can access here:

  • Maintenance - for both your room and home
  • Housekeeping - details of your next visit
  • Consumables - request or confirm deliveries
  • Billing - incorrect invoice, or changing billing details
  • Your lease - reviewing the lease, submitting notice or renewals 
  • Raise a ticket through the chat bot for any outstanding questions!

🙋 When raising a ticket, make sure to include

  1. A photo or video of the issue
  2. As much detail as possible, so we can pass this on to electricians, plumbers, and other specialists if we need to. 
  3. Tell us where, and who the issue affects!


We will aim to get back to you within 2 working days. Keep in mind that timelines, and how many visits required, will vary depending on the type of issue.