How do I create a member meet up?

Make sure you have already joined MeetUps. If you haven't find the instructions on how to join here. 

Once you are signed up, follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Hit the Schedule button on the main page 

Step 2) Name your event, set the date and time it will take place 

Step 3) Add a photo to show what your event will be about, and a description. Make sure to include:

  • if any specific equipment is required
  • if any dress code is needed
  • if members need to bring anything

Step 4) Set the location. As the group is public, don't include private home addresses. The final address can be emailed ahead of the MeetUp.

Step 5) Define any Optional Settings, such as if there needs to be a small cost attached for equipment, drinks or food purchase. 

Step 6) You are ready to publish an event! If you want to come back to it, you can also always save it as a draft.

If you have any other queries about events on MeetUps, then please do email us via