All Lyvly homes are cleaned a minimum of once every two weeks by our team of Housekeepers. The cleans include all of the communal areas, e.g. the hallways, stairs, living room, kitchen and shared bathrooms, as well as any other area which is shared by all members in the home.

Our housekeeping includes:

  • Dusting
  • Hoovering and mopping
  • Cleaning and removing any limescale from sinks, taps and shower heads 
  • Waste management (emptying bins and taking them outside)
  • General tidying (putting away any items left out, picking things up off the floor)
  • Cleaning all worktops, islands, other surfaces and seats (stools, chairs and tables)
  • Running dishwasher and emptying when finished 
  • Cleaning and polishing the fronts of all appliances (microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker, toaster, kettle etc.)
  • Descaling the kettle if necessary 
  • Checking the salt and rinse aid levels in dishwasher and refilling as necessary

Our Housekeepers have a set time allocated to cleaning the communal areas of your home, so do bear in mind that if a lot of washing up (!!) is left for example, the less time they may be able to spend in other areas. 

If you feel that any of the above has not been done as part of your housekeeping, then do please let us know. 

You will be told the set day of the week that your housekeeper visits. If there is change to this for any reason, a member of the community team will let you know well in advance.