Fire alarms are beeping

It is the worst when your fire alarm is just randomly going off for no reason, however there actually might be a really good reason as to why!

So you are having issues with your smoke detector? Let's give you a little more information on how smoke detectors work and some possible reasons why it might be going off...when there isn't a fire!

Fun facts, a smoke detector works by using a tiny beam of light that will set off the alarm when it is broken. Ideally this only occurs when there is smoke breaking this beam, however this can also happen as a result of things such as:
  • Dust
  • Steam
  • Hairspray
  • Insects
  • Aerosols in general
  • Vapes
If your alarms went off, for example, just after having a long shower or after spraying a lot of deodorant then this could be the explanation for your alarm going off. 
If the batteries in your alarm are running low or have run out, this can cause the alarm to beep at regular intervals.  There should be spare batteries in your home and if there are, you can fix this issue yourself by replacing the batteries.  If you can't find the spare batteries, let us know and we can send you some.
If you have needed to remove the batteries from the alarm to stop it from going off then please try to replace these as soon as possible after the event.  If the alarm is still going off when batteries are placed back inside it we will need to come out as soon as possible to fix the faulty alarm as we want to be sure that you and your fellow members are safe in your house, with functioning health and safety equipment throughout.
Tell us
If you are sure none of these things, as well as smoke, were not present when the alarm went off then please contact Lyvly.  Include a photo of the fire alarm (this will help us to know exactly how to reset that particular alarm.) . You can tell us by completing this form.