Rent FAQs

🏠 When is rent due?
The 1st of every month We recommend setting up a direct debit So you don’t miss any payments, we recommend setting up a Direct Debit to our account below. 

Account Name: Living Central Ltd

Account Number: 24486868

Sort Code: 30-93-84


🌍 Can I pay via international bank transfer?
Yes, but keep in mind 1) it will take up to 10 working days to reach us and 2) your bank will (probably) charge you. Make sure you check the fee, and add this cost to the rent you’re sending since your bank will take the fee before the money gets to us! 

💳 Can I pay rent on my credit card?
Unfortunately not.

🕙 What happens if I am late paying rent?
If for whatever reason you can’t pay rent, let us know ASAP before the 1st of the month. If you continue to miss rent, you could get interest charges, or in extreme cases, be asked to leave Lyvly and also passed over to a third party debt collector to sort outstanding payments. 

😥 What if I can no longer afford my rent?
Please get in touch ASAP! We might be able to find you another room for cheaper, or work out a payment plan in the short term. And if you’ve been directly impacted by COVID-19, let us know as we’re able to offer Rent Holidays and payment plans to work this out with you.

💰 I paid months of rent upfront.  What happens after my prepaid months?
You’ll start paying from the next month. So say you paid 6 months upfront, we’ll charge you from the 1st day of the 7th month. Make sure to set up a Direct Debit before so you don’t miss payment!

💷 How do you take off the £100 reservation fee?
Most people will have £100 taken off their first month’s rent. If you moved near the end of month, so your first rent doesn’t even add up to £100, the money will come off your second month’s rent.