Finance FAQs

If you have a question about rent or any other charges, it may well be answered below:

Can my community bond and deposit be used for last month’s rent? 

No it can’t. Your deposit is held by the DPS and has to be returned directly to you. It cannot be returned directly to Lyvly unless a claim is made on it, e.g. for damages to a room. If we make a claim on your deposit in place of your rent, there could be future legal implications for you. 

Can Lyvly accept payment from a credit card?

No. Only debit cards. 

I paid six months’ rent upfront. What happens after six months are up? 

You will start paying monthly from month seven onwards. 

I would like to book a one-off parking space. What should I do?

If your building offers one-off parking (not all buildings do!) then please run it by us first. We will be able to book this for you and add the charge onto your monthly invoice accordingly. 

Are cleaning charges included in my invoice?

Yes they are, two months in arrears. Cleans that happened in January are charged in March, for example. See more here.

Can I set up a direct debit with Revolut? 

No, a direct debit cannot be set up with Revolut. You can however set up a direct debit with Monzo. 

Can I change the account that I pay my direct debit from? 

If you need to change the back account your rent comes from, you will have to cancel your current direct debit and set up a new one from the link sent to you. We are not able to do this for you. 

Can I make an international bank transfer? 

 Yes, but bear in mind that international bank transfers can take up to 10 working days to reach us, and that there is often a fee. This is normally between £7-£20, and it will be automatically deducted from the transfer. Do make sure you check what the fee is for your bank, and make sure that’s added onto the transfer. E.g. if you are transferring £1500 and the international transfer fee is £7, make sure to transfer £1507. 

My £100 reservation fee hasn’t been allocated to my first month's rent? 

Normally, your £100 reservation fee will be allocated towards your first month’s rent. However, if you are moving in at the end of your month, so that the amount of days you’re in your new home during the first calendar month would not be equal £100, it will be deducted from your next month’s rent. E.g. if you are moving in on the 29th April, your £100 will be deducted from your rent in May. 

Can I set up a direct debit with an international bank account? 

Your direct debit needs to set up with a UK bank account. If you are yet to set one up, a Monzo account is very quick and easy to set up from which you can set up a direct debit.